Blake Style® Surgical Silicone Drains 

Blake Style® Surgical Silicone Drain Details

  • These fluted or channel drains provide multiple narrow ducts throughout the implanted segment of the drain instead of perforations
  • These ducts or channels form pathways that enable continuous fluid drainage at any point throughout the implanted segment
  • The photos to the right confirm this familiar design
  • This design of channels create a rigid structure which offers great kink-resistance
  • The design of these drains are often referred to as fluted or channeled drains
  • The channels also provide less tissue in-growth of the wound and minimize patient discomfort during drain removal.
  • The smooth tapered connection between white duct drain and transparent round tube minimizes trauma during insertion with a trocar and removal from the wound
  • The softness of the silicone also minimizes trauma
  • These drains are available in a variety of sizes round and flat seen below
  • Trocars available with some drains.
  • Sterile double-packaged with a peel pouch.
  • Latex Free and 100% silicone 
  • 10 drains per case
  • Products are compliant and Registered with the FDA
  • Free shipping with orders of two or more cases
  • 30 day total Satisfaction Guaranteed


Cat. No. White duct drain (round) Transparent round tube Description
 O.D. Length I.D. x O.D. length
2014-0410 3.3mm / 10 FR 200 mm 3 x 5 mm 600 mm X-ray opaque effective
2014-0415 5 mm / 15FR 3 x 5 mm
2014-0419 6.3mm / 19 FR 3 x 6.3 mm
2014-0421 7 mm / 21 FR 3.3 x 7 mm
  White duct drain (flat) Transparent round tube  
H x W Length I.D. x O.D. length
2014-0408 3.5 x 8 mm 200 mm 3 x 5 mm 600 mm X-ray opaque effective
2014-0411 4 x 11 mm