All Silicone C.W.V. (Close Wound Vacuum) Reservoir

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  • Silicone C.W.V. reservoir has great flexibility. It provides uniform, stable and gentle suction effectiveness.

  • 100 cc reservoirs offer one inlet and one outlet on the top of reservoir.

  • An appended ring and a bedside clip increase the mobility to nurses and patients.

  • Connected to drains, these low-vacuum reservoirs provide continuous gentle suction for steady wound care and to minimize tissue-trauma.

  • This design helps keep the nurses away from the discharged fluid and protects them against any possible infection during operation.

  • The inlet has a non-return valve to prevent regurgitation of fluid.

  • Transparent body allows for visual inspection.

  • Sterile double-packaged, peel pouch..

  • 10 pieces per case.



Cat. No. Capacity Remarks
2013-0610 100 cc Outlet at the top of Reservoir with clip