All Silicone Flat Drain
  • This Drain System combines a transparent silicone round tube and a white perforated flat drain. The inner wall of the implanted flat segment features tooth-like structure to prevent possible occlusion when the tube is pressed or kinked.
  • 3/4 or full perforation are available for optimal drainage with X-ray opaque effectiveness throughout its entire implanted segment.
  • Smooth tapered connection between white flat drain and round tube minimizes trauma during insertion with Trocar and removal from the wound.
  • Visual inspection and fluid observation is optimized through the transparent round tube.
  • Use Flat drains C.W.V. reservoir for fluids suction and collection.
  • Used for various surgeries.
  • Sterilized peel pouch packaging.
  • 1 pc/peel pouch, 10 pieces per case.


Cat. No. White flat drain Transparent round tube Description
 H x W Length I.D. x O.D. length
2014-0071 3 X 7 mm 200 mm 3 x 5 mm 600 mm 3/4 perforation
X-ray opaque effective
2014-0101 4 X 10 mm
2014-0072 3 X 7 mm 200 mm 3 x 5 mm 600 mm Full perforation
X-ray opaque effective
2014-0102 4 X 10 mm