Medical Drains and Reservoirs

C. Daniel Medical specializes in sterile silicone drains and reservoirs. We provide various types of drains: flat, round, and fluted in a variety of lengths and perforations.

Our fluted drains are similar to the popular Blake® drains and our perforated drains are styled like the Jackson Pratt® drains, All of our products are offered at a low price but with the highest quality.

We provide superior quality products at a fair price and ship within 8 to 24 hours of receiving your order.

  • Save up to 50%
  • Our drains or reservoirs are as low as $10.50 (10 per case)
  • "Latex-Free" and sterile double-packaged
  • All products compliant with FDA standards
  • Free shipping with orders of two or more cases
  • 30 day total satisfaction guarantee
  • American Express, Visa or MasterCard accepted
  • Get a chance to win a Marriott Vacation as a customer!
  • Prices available at the shopping cart
  • Trocars available with some drains

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  * Blake® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson, Jackson Pratt® is a registered trademark of Allegiance Corp.